My favorite author has a new one coming out. The only info I can find is that it is called Bone By Bone and it is not a Mallory book. I think it's a stand-alone, which will be okay by me since The Judas Child, her only other stand-alone, was fabulous.
I am delighted. I need an O'Connell fix like I need air.
Any other O'Connell fans out there in Crimespace?

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Hello Neil, I download and read a book a day for my Amazon Kindle. Yes, I know, excessive by most standards. The reason I'm writing is that I could only download 3 of Carol's books on my Kindle. That's all there were. Roughly $6.00 each per digital download. In order to read the rest, I bought used books at for $.01 each plus shipping. My point is that your publishing house and the author could make more by publishing all of her novels in the Kindle version. Jane
Neil, I'm reading The Man who cast two shadows. Is the idea of Louisa's Concerto based on something in real life?

Hi Neil,
I have been a huge fan since Carol O'Connell hit the shelves with Mallory's Oracle. I loved Bone By Bone, another fabulous stand-alone, as good as Judas Child.

Every person I have ever turned on to her books is going to be thrilled that there is a new Mallory novel in the works. They were so worried that Mallory's story had ended with Find Me. Good to hear there will be further adventures.

Thanks for touching base.
I did a book review on Bone By Bone for Mystery Morgue and I can't say enough good about the book. I just loved it - get it read as soon as you can.
Can't wait for this.... I loved Judas Child, couldn't stop reading it, but unfortunately haven't read her other novels - I can't find them in Croatia (don't ask why, I don't know, guess I'll have to buy them via almighty internet)... I hope this one will hit the stores here too.
Hi! I'm a Carol O'Connell fan from the Philippines. I love all her books. Actually, I found Killing Critics first and I never stopped till I completed her books (it took me two years).. Though I'm eagerly waiting for her new book- Bone by Bone.. It's not yet available in the Philippines... Thank you very much for the information and I do hope that there will be a new Kathy Mallory book...
I love the Mallory books. It will be fun to see what this is.
Wow, have always loved her books, and had no idea she had a new one out...hope to read it someday!


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