Fritz Lang's Scarlet Street and M, Ulmer's Detour, Orson Welle's The Stranger, Daves' perverse unknown noir The Red House, and no list of public domain noirs would be complete without D.O.A. .

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I'd never heard of this site. Thanks, Tribe!
Never heard of The Red House. Is it on DVD?
The Red House might be available in those ten-fifteen pack film noir collections you see for $15 at Best Buy and places like that. They are all Public Domain so they sell 'em in super cheap collections. So the Red House may very well beavialable in one of those...the last I saw it was on a VHS tape that may be collecting dust and cat hair in the basement.
I knew about DOA and M, but not the others. I can feel a noir binge coming on... has the 1950 version of DOA, M, Scarlett Street and Detour its a place where you can watch movies that have fallen out of copyright... quality is a bit middle ground but still free is a good thing and they are wonderful to watch
Great site idea ... thanks for the info Tribe
Can't wait to watch the Red House! Never saw it before. Thanks, Tribe...
Has anyone seen Wisconsin Death Trip? That's about as noir as it gets although it's a documentary.


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