Thanks to a lovely flu, I've had a few days off work to catch up on a bunch of movies, much easier for a clogged head than reading. I watched quite a few more than the ones below, but I thought I should concentrate on the crime flicks here.


Great to see a movie present a mostly balanced look at all sides of an international issue, but still a little too clear cut for my liking. And I wish Jake Gyllenhaal had a few more dimensions than just a blank worn out stare.

No Country For Old Men

Beautifully shot and acted, paced with a brilliant balance between the stillness of wide open spaces and the tension of action. Has one of my most favourite bad guys in the cinema of late. It also never tired me when it took the time to flesh out character details that weren't necessarily relevant to plot.


I haven't had this much fun watching a film in ages. Some wildly implausible situations are completely forgiven by the tongue that's been super glued to the inside of the director's cheek. Killer soundtrack and hilarious action throughout, this is the film Shoot Em Up only wished it could have been. Loved the 80s videogame references too!

Anyone else seen some good crime flicks lately?

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Thanks for the correction. Julienne Moore, fab actress in many movies. Richard Price is an amazing author. If you've already read Lush Life you beat me to it! Have you read Clockers? I always meant to, but ... So much to do ... so little time.
I've read all his novels. Of course, some are better than others. But this last one, Freedomland and Clockers are my favorites. I like his early books, too.

Why don't you use your last name?
Oops, I dunno. Just didn't put it in when I signed up. Which is silly of course because if you go to my website, which I hope you'll do, it's right there. Hell, it's in the address.

So, go figure! My bad?
Just watched a video of The Public Eye, a period piece set in 1940's New York, and one of the best crime movies of the 90's, but underrated. It stars Joe Pesci as the hero. You heard that right...Joe's the good guy in this one. And what a performance.
no country for old men- some fantastic characters in the movie- very vivid - also loved the whole idea that you can never stop the bad- it just keeps coming
Sorry you caught the flu! I've become a germaphobe at work, watching everything I touch and frequently using hand sanitizer and washing my hands. I realized that the coffee machine dispenser switch was a big potential germ source and use a papertowel to touch it now. But I escaped the nasty, two-week cold going around at work and the stomach flu. Some benefit to being a germaphobe. Hope you're well now. (And I just watched "Becoming Jane", chick flick" on DVD. I enjoyed it immensely but I think they took some artistic liberties with Jane Austen's life. I have to reread that part of her biography to refresh my memory.")
Just saw IRON MAN last week. Flat out loved it! The week before it was FORBIDDEN KINGDOM. My kind of chop saki. I loved the fight scenes with Jet Li and Jackie Chan. You can have your Dancing with the Stars. I like it when the dancers see stars!


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