David Montgomery has a link on his blog, today, to a terrific interview with legendary agent Nat Sobel. I am not a writer, myself, but this sure is sobering stuff.

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Yes, I was interested in his comments about how difficult it is for new male writers who are not writing thrillers. Besides thrillers, comic books also seem to be attracting a lot of male talent.
I don't think there are many of us out there who think it's easy to get published. Speaking for myself--I have carefully researched markets. I find out as much as I can about everything that I can (relating to publishing) and then I put my magic filter on. I filter out a lot of stuff that I find distracting and off-putting. Trends in publishing change all the time. As one publisher wrote, "...by the time that we notice a trend it's probably already over.."
Most of us on this path don't do it because we think it's a route to fame and fortune. Or even just fame or fortune. Or even, you know, simply regular cheese and bread. We do it because it calls us. Because there are stories in that want to come out. And maybe even, like that old Everest dude, because we can and even because we must.

So in the end, you take the odds -- stinky as they are -- just as they're given. Simply because there was never any choice.
There's an old joke. Two guys in a bar. Bob finishes his drink and gets up.

Joe says, "Where you going?"

Bob says, "I think I'll hit that poker game on Main Street."

Joe says, "Don't you know that game's fixed?"

Bob shrugs. "Yeah, but it's the only game in town."

Writing's a lot like that.
Well said! and so true
Yes, it is sobering. And I think a lot of us who are going through the hoops right now realize it. Although, I don't know if we realized how extreme the "cut" was. But, we do know it's tight. I guess for me, being female and writing thriller's gives me hope! whoop!...at least I'm the correct gender and writing in the category that has a fighting chance:) Of course, we all know you have to be "able" to write!;) I'm with a smaller publisher right now, but holding my own quite well. I know though, when you get out there with the big boys, that you're fighting for every inch...and need a lot of luck as was mentioned earlier on here. It's a rough field...and..."no country for old men!;)" BG...


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