It's a British film starring Sean Bean.
It's kind of similar to "Death Wish." But it's updated and set in England.
I thought it was pretty good. Generally I find it provokes strong reaction for and against--anyone?

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I haven't seen it yet, but I'll definitely put it on my list of films that are a "must see":) would be interesting to see how it compared to Death Wish.

Yes, it is different. But the unifying factor are the people who just get so fed up they go to this ex soldier for justice, not the Equalizer, much stronger--I remember sitting in New York City movie houses when Death Wish came out, and people were cheering every time the bad guys got blown away! it was funny too, because this was Manhattan (oh so liberal because it was the fashion Manhattan)--it cracked me up!
...laughing, well, I think we all still want to believe in Robin Hood, and the Lone Ranger. And wouldn't it be just perfect if they could take it to the max!::)
so true. wishful thinking!
I would watch Sean Bean brush his teeth! Hollywood tends to use him too much as a bad guy, but anyone who's seen Sharpe's Rifles series know what a terrific leading man he is.
Thanks for the suggestion...It just jumped to the head of my list!
oh great, you'll like it, but it's grim. I wouldn't mind seeing him brush his teeth either! You know that's Hollywood, that's what they did with Martin Kemp that's why he left there! Max Von Sydow said a great thing about typecasting. he said, "if you're a foreiner (sp) in Hollywood, they either have you play Jesus Christ or villains. Interesting! thanks for that in put. by the way, there's a great Sean Bean website for all of us groupies! check it out.
Sounds like a more intense but similar movie to Boondock Saints, but without the humor.
ooh I'll have to check that out. thanks!


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