This competition is part of the JM Northern Media family of festivals which includes the New York Book Festival, Hollywood Book Festival, London Book Festival and DIY (Do-It-Youself) Convention(s).

Was wondering if anyone had experience with them?

Since my book was just recently published, the $50 entry fee seems worthwhile to get someone to read it and possibly even receive some attention.

Any comments or experiences greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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I tried the New York Book Festival last year. Won an honorable mention, although I didn't receive any attention for it. Maybe everyone got an HM. :-) Might be worthwhile to GO there, talk to readers behind a booth. But I didn't try that and probably won't.
Thanks Jack...That tipped my boat away from entering. I got the feeling you might be right about HM so I'll have a nice dinner on that $50 I saved :o)


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