Best Novel:
DOWN RIVER by John Hart.

Best First Novel:
IN THE WOODS by Tana French.

Best Paperback Original :
QUEENPIN by Megan Abbott

Best Short Story:
Susan Straight for "the Golden Gopher" (LOS ANGELES NOIR)

The Grandmaster Award: Bill Pronzini

Best Critical/Biographical
ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE, A LIFE IN LETTERS by Jon Lellenberg, Daniel Stashower and Charles Foley.

Best Fact Crime
RECLAIMING HISTORY by Vincent Bugliosi

Best Young Adult
RAT LIFE by Ted Arnold.

Best Juvenile Novel
THE NIGHT TOURIST by Katherine Marsh.

Best Play
PANIC by Joseph Goodrich.

Best Teleplay for Series Episode
Matt Nix for BURN NOTICE

Best Film Screenplay

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Big claps to Megan Abbott and Tana French, as well as everyone else (ooh, especially Tony Gilroy--loved MICHAEL CLAYTON).
Just put in requests for some of those titles. Anyone read Down River? Or In The Woods?
Plenty of people here have read IN THE WOODS. Great book. Lovely writing.

Did I just say 'lovely?'

I'm getting soft.
I will give it a try. Just wanted to see what the opinion of it was. I requested it at the library along with a lot of other books that were on these lists.
Thanks everyone
Sick as a dog from all the bicoastal partying and meeting. But when I'm not sleeping or playing Internet catchup, I'm reading IN THE WOODS (they had loads of free books at the Edgars--smart move, Mr. Publisher!). I'm enjoying it so much and looking forward to what she'll be creating next.


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