So I'm going to Book Expo in LA at the end of the month and wonder what I am to expect since I've never been before. I guess I'll be hanging around the St. Martin's booth even though I won't have a book yet.

Anyone a Book Expo veteran? Tell me how it goes down.

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Somebody once told me -- can't remember if it was an agent or a publicist -- that you just go there and give away your books in hopes of striking a deal.
Jeri..I'm a neo-phyte moron and apologize for storming into your query, What is Book Expo and should I grab knee pads to beg and books to hand out since I just got published on my first work of fiction, Justice is Coming....Really sorry to not have anything to contribute, but appreciate knowing the low down...Thanks, John.
It's Book Expo of America or BEA. See details here.
Hey!! I'll be there too, on Thursday and Friday. Drop me a message through Crimespace or at and we'll try to meet up.


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