It's funny.

It's funny because it's true:

(mostly for IJ :)

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Thanks, John. Loved it! The poor, poor bastard. The one thing you never do is let them blame you for their failure and apologize that you're not doing more.

I just told my publisher that I will not do tours because they do not work. In other words, they do not sell enough books to make a difference. My agent got nervous and said quickly, "But she maintains a strong presence on the internet!" Yeah. (That's not really why I'm here.)

We know what works and all of it (except Oprah) is in the publisher's hands. With the possible further exception of having a book that gets good reviews.
You're right, John. It's funny because it's true. A real classic. Thanks.
John: Who IS this guy? Is this strictly parody, or is this a real author promoting himself?
He's an author, Dennis Cass - the blog is also quite good. His book is called HEAD CASE: How I Almost Lost My Mind Trying to Understand My Brain, and like the video says, it's just out in paperback.
loved it!
Very Cool! Loved it
Very funny but with an after taste.
I think he was terrific to make it--and hey! it got him exosure. so whatever works, right? Thanks for putting it on.
Did it make you want to buy his book?
Hmmm. good question.
Well, it made me empathize with the author!
Actually, I think not--if I'm really honest. because now that you mention it, I didn't give it a thought!
Actually Craig McDonald's video about his book, made we want to buy the book!
But do you think that was the author's soul intention--getting people to buy or do you think (I do) that perhaps it was just to make a statement--about how difficult the whole thing is?
In reflection that's what I think I guess.
This has always been the problem with self-promotion for me: You basically plead with people to buy your book. Maybe many people buy at book signings because they pity the author or because they are too embarrassed not to buy something. That's always seemed to me the wrong way to promote. You want people to want to read. Preferably, you want them to want your book because they've loved the last one. The best promotion is word of mouth. The author is not well equipped to sell his own book. So if you truly love a book, tell your friends and acquaintances.
You're right about that.
But I often listen to open book I think that's the name of it--on BBC radio and they did mention someone who used You tube and increased her sales hugely. Morally, yes--perhaps it's a type of hard sell, but having worked (many years ago) in advertising--whatever sells it--sells it. not the most refined of answers but it's the business end of it.
having said that, I do know that writers are often advised to leave the business end of it to others. so perhaps again your point is made with regard to that.


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