Has podcasting helped in the area of book sales?

I'm finding more and more authors promoting their work through podcasting as well as giving away .pdf copies of their books. Some of these authors build up large podcast followings (over 100,00 subscribers) and the hope is if they can get 5% of them to buy a book of the same material they are on their way.

What are you thoughts?

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Your interview with Ken Bruen was terrific. And I totally agree with you...about making your first interview with someone you know, and are very comfortable with. I had already decided to do the same thing, and am going to be interviewing a crime fiction reader first, instead of a writer. A fascinating lady who I have also come to know very intimately over the last year and a half or so...cybernetically speaking..."Kay in Boone" from the DorothyL list. She's witty, intelligent, articulate, a dedicated reader of crime fiction, and HOT!
Here is a website of podcasts about Elmore Leonard's audio books, with excerpts. Very cool:



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