For me the last good books I read were Robert Crais' THE WATCHMAN, which really illuminated Pike for me, while at the same time being breakneck.

The other good book I read was an advanced copy of A WELCOME GRAVE by Michael Koryta, which had some very good character moments, if you've followed the series.

Next up is the book I expect to be awesome WHAT THE DEAD KNOW by Laura Lippman.

(You know, I can see how this sit is addicting, now that I'm embroiled in a live fantasy baseball draft. I keep popping on here.)

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Raven Black was one of my top reads for 2006. It was brilliant wasn't it, Lourdes.
I'm glad you've picked up Rankin. He's one of the best.
We'll have you reading Reginald Hill before long.
Yes, Reginald Hill is on my list!
My best recent reads have been:

Calling Out For You by Karin Fossum
The Death of Dalziel by Reginald Hill
The Magdalen Martyrs by Ken Bruen

And I suspect that my current read, The Cutting Room by Louise Welsh may very well join that list.
It must be Ken Bruen week: mine is CROSS
Mike Marshall's THE INTRUDERS
Alex Barclay's THE CALLER

on the TBR pile is
Markus Starkey's THE BLADE ITSELF
more for the Ian Fleming Steel Dagger which I can't telll you,otherwise I'd have to kill you all.
Mike - I finished The Caller a while ago - for review - be interested to see what you thought of it.
You will love The Cutting Room Helen, I just know you'll love it. You'll have to follow up then with her other two books - they are equally as good, and different.
And I did love it Karen! I just found another one at work, Tamburlaine Must Die (?), which I've snaffled for Easter reading. It's very short though, less than 200 pages.

Just what I need, another writer to put on my 'must get at any cost' list. What is it with Scottish authors lately - there seem to be so many of them suddenly, and they are all just so good.
Cormac McCarthy's THE ROAD. I know, it got a lot of buzz, but it was amazing. I don't think I've ever read anything else where such spare prose evoked so much emotion.

Dave, I will be a fantasy baseball widow for the next six months. Sad, but at least it's cheap fun!

Is it as good as BLOOD MERIDIAN, which I thought was fantastic.
This Side of Paradise by Fitzgerald
Factotum by Bukowski
Blood of Paradise by Corbett
The Sheltering Sky by Bowles
Last night I started BENEATH A PANAMANIAN MOON by David Somebodyerother and couldn't put it down. Really good stuff so far. I see why it got all those nominations last year.

Finished DOPE not too long ago and really enjoyed it also. Again, now I understand all the hype.
I just finished THE WATCHMAN by Robert Crais and you can see my review on my webpge here on Crimespace. I also just finished Stealing the Dragon by Tim Maleeny and I can't say enough great things about new series and the wisecracking Cape Weathers. I'm looking for book two, Tim. Finally, one of the best books I have read this year is Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn----Wow!! I also read the new Laura Lippman and know one writes young women quite like Laura does--good stuff.


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