I can't believe no one's talked about this yet. The first Bond novel since Benson's THE MAN WITH THE RED TATTOO in 2002.
DEVIL MAY CARE, written by Sebastian Faulks (writing as Ian Fleming) will be released May 28, 2008 to mark the 100th birthday of Bond creator and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang author Ian Fleming.

The details have been kept mostly secret, but we do know it is set in the 60s after Ian Fleming's last novel, and it deals with the opium trade, and the Middle East is a major location.

Who else can't wait?

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I read the interview article in THE TIMES over the weekend. Its only a few hour more.....tick, tick, tick.....
If you live in America, you can buy it at Target right now. I did. I'm about 60+ pages into it.
JOhn, I took your advice and went over to Target and bought the book. I'm half way through and I think Faulk has done an outstanding job
He spends the first 120 or so pages eating two meals per page, then ramps the action up to being really stupid in Turkey.
Actually, turkey describes the book. When i got to page 140 I gave it away - unfortunately, to someone I like. She will probably never forgive me.


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