What are you currently not reading that you intend to get too at sometime in the near future? Whether fiction, non-fiction, articles, and short stories. Share your thoughts. I'm a avid reader and always looking for that page turner. I'm currently not reading John Lescroart, however, I plan too.

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the dark side of genius -- the life of alfred hitchcock
the beatles
Ha ha--great question!

I tend to buy more books than I can read so I'm constantly behind. I always go to book sales, like library fundraisers. Consequently, I'm not reading Dirty Work by Stuart Woods, Aftermath by Peter Robinson, Orson Scott Card, and Childhood's End Arthur C. Clarke.
This is embarassing. Although I've read lots of mystery/thrillers lately (Mildred Pierced by Stuart Kominsky, The Devil's Right Hand by J.D. Rhoades, Carved in Bone by Jefferson Bass), I decided to go hard core romance and just checked out the grandma of all romances, Gone With The Wind, along with the latest authorized sequel Rhett Butler's People.. What can I say, it's a guilty pleasure.
I'm currently not reading a whole heap of my old favourites and I've really got to extract the digit and get back to them - that includes a couple of JR Carroll books I've still not finished, I'm behind by 2 on Christopher Brookmyre and Henning Mankell.

I've stored up all of Kathryn Fox's books and promptly not had a chance to read a single one of them.

I've got 8 more books on the long-list for the Ned Kelly's this year. And that's just what I haven't blocked from my mind because the guilt is almost overwhelming.

I'm working on the principle that I can never die - I'm so far behind on everything.
I have been not reading The Wheelman by Duane Swierczynski for a couple of years and finally opened it. WOW. So now I am not reading The Blonde by the same author.
I'm not reading Moby Dick. I plan to continue not reading it for the rest of my life.
Great question! A year ago I bought four Kinky Freidman novels, and immediately set about not reading them. Now, after reading your question, I'm going to go home, retrieve them from the third bedroom bookshelf, and put them into the living room bookshelf, and start not not reading them.


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