I just read a review of a book--wherein this word, "over-written" is used to describe books that are seen in a negative light--bloated is another word that is mentioned. That I understand. I like lean plots myself--no padding or unnecessary and or irrelevant wordage--which can be rambling and distract from the core points of the story.
But as for something being over-written--can't say that I have heard the expression much--perhaps only once.
Does it mean too wordy, too descriptive--if it does, isn't that the same as bloated?
What does it mean to you guys?
And thanks!

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thanks John.
You're probably right. But sometimes I like wordiness--and sometimes I absolutely hate it!
I think if the prose are beautiful--or so interesting, then I quite like it.
Although for crime fiction--at least what I prefer reading and writing, I tend to like lean and mean.
Well, there's plenty of wordy fiction out there for you!

For myself, I can't stand it. There's a great back and forth between Hemingway and Faulkner:

Faulkner: "Hemingway has never been known to use a word that might send the reader to the dictionary."

Hemingway: “Poor Faulkner. Does he really think big emotions come from big words? He thinks I don't know the ten-dollar words. I know them all right. But there are older and simpler and better words, and those are the ones I use.”

I also notice it with songwriters. Early Dylan, Springsteen and even David Bowie are full of words, but the more songs they write, the fewer words they use.
John, you always have such interesting comments! Love the quotes from Hemingway and Faulkner. so good.
One thing I've noticed about Dean Koontz, a lot of his writing later on (thinking of Seize the Night) is too wordy for me. I mean I lost interest in what I know to be a good book because of the copious descriptons.
Interested also in what you said about Dylan and Co. they're words becoming fewer. I suppose that's the way to go really--
it's just as I find with Rendell, I find her descriptions and detailed characterizations irresistable, but that's me--and it really only applies to her, since normally I hate wordiness!
Love those quotes, John.

there's certainly an audience out there who wants to read a book and go "this guy really knows how to do neat things with words." Me, I want to read a book and go "this guy can really tell a story." That, I think, is the dividing line.
Yep - that about sums it up for me - I read a book a while ago where I swear one whole chapter was just sort of thrown in so that the author could roll out a joke that obviously was tickling them considerably. Funny joke - but absolutely nothing to do with the story itself though so it was really bloody annoying.
You know, I think you SHOULD try writing! I mean that, Colman! Your posts are funny and pointed and extremely vivid--and not the quotes, I mean what you, yourself write!
try it!
I love your comment. but I have to be careful too, because I'm in a touchy situation now--rewriting a draft for my w.i.p.
but I swear! I will take on board your criticsm--because I think you made some great points.
I agree with the cookery thing--no need or place for that and in such detail. Although I do get a kick out of a cop or someone else eating a pastrami sandwich--but I don't need to know how to cook the damned thing! so I agree with that.
thanks and thanks for making me smile, too!
thanks, and glad you said not really after offering apologies to everyone! You are one in a mil--they broke the proverbial mould! you slay me! really!

YES, TRY WRITING. RIGHT NOW! get off this site, open up a notebook--steal from one of your kids--and write a short story.
try different points of view--
how about writing a story about a reader who decides to get back at one or more authors that he feels have affected his life negatively?! AND IT'S NOT YOU! Make this guy a nut, like a stalker--someone who thinks he knows famous people--you know the kind! let your imagination (and you have a good one) run riot!
what do you say?! go for it, why the heck not?!
Funny! Isn't John Connolly the one that goes on and on about gross violence? And mind you, I don't object to violence per se, but when an author wallows, you've got to wonder about him.
Someone made the comment on Amazon that I'd overwritten the fictional parts in my book on police procedure. I found the reader's comment interesting since I didn't write anything fictional in the book.
It just goes to show that people should probably not read or write about those things which they know nothing about.
Gee, Yvonne. I promise I really did a lot of research before I wrote that book. :)
I know you did- I was talking about the person who made that statement about you over wrote the fictional part on police procedures. lol I wasn't throwing barbs at you my friend. Trust me- I know you did your homeowork.


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