Not dogs sitting on keyboards (something my terrier loves doing), but pets within storylines of crime fiction.
I think they can add something. Someone (whose opinion I value highly) suggested it to me, and well--I tried it and I love it.
I think it adds to the characterizations. What do you guys think?
Those writers and readers--does it add to your enjoyment?
I'm not actually referring to furry protagonists who solve crime--sheep detectives and the like, I'm referring to storylines with a cast of human beings, one of whom has a pet or two.
And while we're at it, can you give me some examples of novels you've liked or haven't liked, wherein Rover or Snooky the cat is seen to be looking casually at crimescene photos or gratefully licking up a bowl of milk the crime-solving Detective has put down for her?

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Will have to check that out. sounds like i'd love it!
thanks so much!
Just going to see if I can hunt it down now!
The first crime series that comes to mind with a pet is the Spenser series by Robert B. Parker. A dog is always part of the household. In fact, Parker combines two of my favorite things: dogs and good cooking. I like that fact that his characters and pets age--more realistic, I think.
thanks for that, Sue!
sounds good.
I like pets in novels (and also cooking or any food that sounds good)!
for instance, Lawrence Sanders always had me salivate over pastrami sandwiches!


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