closed now, and thanks everyone! Technical question: Can a Detective On Vacation Time Solve A Murder?

Set up: A New York City Detective (not a P.I.) has taken vacation time (suggested by his superior because of emotional trauma)--only he wants to solve a murder.
No one's going to stop him chasing down the murderer (he has leads).
He also has help from his partner in New York (while there).
But! Can he, would he also get any assistance from other police departments, say in other cities?
Or would the fact that he is on his own time, be a problem?
Thanks in advance--those of you who can help me with this!

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He will run into objections from the local police. This could make the situation more interesting. He will need a strong personal reason to persist.
He's got one!
Thank I.J.
appreciate it!
I read a story in the last couple years where a cop's kids found a floater while he was on vacation out west. he got minimally involved there and then it connected back to something on his home turf. I don't remember the title or author though it might have been one of the Florida authors.
I'm going to see if I can track that title down.
Interesting! Sounds like a great plot actually!
After a bunch of searching around I found it. Of all things, it is Strip Tease by Carl Hiaasen
Thanks so much for that! I probably never would have found it!
are you wonderful, or what?!
ps just ordered it! again, thanks!
"Aw shucks," he said as he pawed the ground with his right scuffed brogan and rolled his head down as if looking behind his left.
brogan? what in tarnation is a brogan?
I always thought of it as a low boot, but has a different view:

bro·gan /ˈbroʊgən/[broh-guhn]
a heavy, sturdy shoe, esp. an ankle-high work shoe.
[Origin: < Ir brógán, dim. of bróg shoe; see brogue2] Unabridged (v 1.1)
Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2006.
Precise and excellent information!
thanks. I know now!
never, ever heard that!
shucks, mister Hawkins, I do appreciate it!
We're fine! Just hard at work on third draft now! Buddy's probably having loads of fun, glad to hear it.
Didn't know that! Don't watch those, would you believe?! they show them here but my head's in the past what with my w.i.p.
thanks margot!
great thanks--


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