How do you decide when to add a person as a "friend" in Social Network Land?

I'm pretty new to this whole thing and I'm curious what criteria, if any people use when they decide whether or not 'friend' someone.

What about bigger social networking sites like MySpace or Facebook? How do you find and decide to be friends with someone? It seems so daunting to me. Well, the whole "Social" part of social networking is daunting, but that's a seperate issue.

But I also don't want to seem like I don't 'friend' anyone either. I just don't know when to do that.

Thanks, from the wallflower.

If I was more social, I don't think I'd be a writer, cooped up in my little porcupine den with just my computer and my Diet Pepsi. =)

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Either that or they just dig that wacky avatar...Hey, ya never know what peeps are thinkin'!
That's because I'm mean, and I ban people who ask me to help them get $6,500,000 out of their recently deceased parents' account...
Yes, Daniel. You are a total badass.
John, by typing it through, you've already figured it out.

When you accept a friend, it's mutual and you get added to their friends list and they get added to yours.

To send someone a private message you have to be their friend (except for me, I can send one to anyone).

Yep. iFriends are very different to real Friends.


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