I just finished a suspense novel by a multiple bestselling author, female, whom I won't name because I found the book completely lacking in character development. Her protagonist is a cop who is supposedly tough and suspicious but falls in love with the female lead (about whom readers are kept guessing till the end as to whether she's beleaguered victim or lying villain) at first hardening of the you know what. She is beautiful and supposedly is guaranteed to make every man who looks at her think of sex sex sex. Do you know anyone like either of these fictional folks, male or female? I don't. In my reasonably broad experience, many, many relationships between attractive people have nothing whatsoever to do with sex. In the five decades since junior high, I've had many friendships based on affection, shared experience, and common interests that have had nothing to do with the friend's sexuality or mine. The same is true of everybody I know, including the most charming and physically attractive. When I read about characters like those I've described--whom we never get the slightest sense of as people, apart from their lust for each other and the fact that they live happily ever after at the end--my inner skeptic has an immediate ho-hum reaction. How about you?

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I mean the guy goes there for a job and the woman is married. and this is an especially appealing woman to this very discerning gentleman! who isn't really a gentleman, which is just as well actually because this ain't no lady either.
But it's got something--and we want to know when they're going to kill the inconvenient husband--cause the dish has baggage only it walks and talks and wears a wedding ring just like hers!
and there are twists and turns and it's very, very interesting!
Because it's about desire and sex. it's not graphic, but its hugely powerful undercurrent of hungry desire is present throughout which is very effective.
Yup. sex is there all right--and that's what the magic in a novel like this is all about. desire and the reprussions of that desire. what a story!


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