Can/should a character who only appears in one chapter have their pov portrayed?

I am editing and revising.
Now then, I have a character who dies in the second chapter.
I'm sorry to see her go, I liked her--but without her dying the train won't run and I do want it to break all speed records.
Now then, here's the question: Is it okay, or better not to--present that one "scene" from her pov? The dying isn't really shown either--not then.
What do you guys think?

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it helps!
The woman is never out of anyone's thoughts actually.
she's connected to both the protagonist and another, as well as the killer.
So is the killer's last victim connected to him.
I agree with what you say. very good points, Alison.
The worst thing in reading a book is to come away from it feeling cheated, so agree with that! it's happened to me, where I feel so empty and annoyed.
I like to be able to connect things without it ever appearing contrived. Contrived should be a four-letter word!
excellent advice. thanks very much.
Yup, all the main characters have their own pov's.
My poor murdered young woman is there throughout because she's known to each of the main characters, bar one. so she's in their thoughts. and those thoughts reflect the character of those who are remembering her as well as their relationship to her. There! Clear as mud? Hope I didn't confuse you!
You didn't confuse me--more or less!
seriously thanks a lot Dan.
MY help?!
goodness! okay--we'll keep a balance sheet, but I'd never charge you anything!
Just a smile!
I think you can get away with it. In fact, it's clever in a weird way, as the reader will THINK she is going to be around and be looking for her to return. Be careful about "cheating the reader," though. How soon does she get killed after you leave her POV? What are her last thoughts that we know or feel? That part can be tricky.............Further suggestion.........You have the opportunity here to let her reveal something crucial (which might not seem so crucial at the moment) to the reader but which none of the other characters know.
Love that revealation idea! definitely going to give that serious thought (like yesSSSSSSSSSS)!.
She dies in the second chapter, poor thing.
Someone's going to kill her, we know that from the first chapter.
But that suggestion about a revealation! that is so good Noel. terrific!
thank you very much.
POV shifting is deadly. I just stopped reading a book because of POV shifting.
Sorry, have to just correct you.
There are no shifts in pov in my work.
The novel is written entirely in the third person.
Not one page or paragraph or sentence is in the first person.
Is that what you are referring to?
I have to say I wouldn't care to read a book either with shifts from first to third person.
If you think about it, in Sunset Boulevard a corpse in a pool has a completely different point of view than the same character for the remainder of the story. Interesting
so true!
and what an opening!
My story is not in the first person--but even in the third that I'm doing I write certain scenes from varying points of view--one consistent pov for the chapter/character.
As for that chapter with my poor young lady who gets murdered.
that chapter (in third person) shows the reader how she feels about everything--her life, her relationships (no backstory though)--
and then when the killer attacks her--we (hear/read) why--or enough of why to keep us reading.
That's how i've adapted it.
Tried first person, and couldn't do it that way.
thanks for comment!
My day job has a long commute, so I do a lot of audio books. My current listen is The Sinister Pig by Tony Hillerman. In the first chapter we have a distant POV from a character that I assumed would be the protagonist. Chapter two opens with this character being shot in the back and killed. I'm 40% through the story, but it is working very well so far with a big piece of the mystery tracking the why of that murder.
Yes, it sounds as though it does work well.
That's more or less what I have done.
The why is the thing in my story.
I love plots like that.
Again, thanks very much!
I love third's the only way I write (so far);)...and I think, as long as it's relevant to the story you should be able to show it from the character's pov...remember all the old movies where they're actually showing it from the deceased pov? Well, maybe you could find a way to bring it back through again later...but if not...I still think it should be able to "stand" alone if it's a necessary part.

The consolation is...(wicked grin) your EDITOR will "certainly" let you know if you can't do this...rolling my eyes and laughing.....



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