Can/should a character who only appears in one chapter have their pov portrayed?

I am editing and revising.
Now then, I have a character who dies in the second chapter.
I'm sorry to see her go, I liked her--but without her dying the train won't run and I do want it to break all speed records.
Now then, here's the question: Is it okay, or better not to--present that one "scene" from her pov? The dying isn't really shown either--not then.
What do you guys think?

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I should be so lucky to get an editor!
I mean the THING would have to have been accepted!
seriously, I do understand what you mean.
And you're quite right--it's the Editor's word that dictates! hmm.
thanks Loretta!
Yes, go for it if it makes the novel stronger. My new novel begins with the POV of the first victim, and I couldn't imagine having written it any other way. But it's a relatively painless death - the victim has mild dementia, and at first she thinks the killer is her husband, come back from the dead to embrace her.

I've seen this technique used fairly often in books that might be characterized as suspense novels or thrillers, often as a prologue. The section is isually fairly brief, so the reader doesn't have time to get overly attached to the character. Tess Gerritsen uses it a lot, for example. If you're writing a cozy, it might be a little over the top.

Good luck with your revision!
Of course you can, Carole. You can write it from a duck's POV if you want to, just write the best damn chapter you can write. Make 'em turn the pages, use every ruthless trick in the book to get them to flip the next page. Leave 'em hanging so they gotta peek at chapter Three.
i love ruthless!
yes, i did it--and i felt so sad for the girl being murdered. I think readers will too, hopefully.
thanks for that, very good advice, Dennis!
keep it going--and make it as exciting as possible!
As long as the reader knows whose head you are in, you can do whatever you want.
thanks Laurie, I agree--clarity is everything!


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