For those who didn't see this post where I buried it last time...
The genre of blog novels is slowly gathering pace, and I'm wondering if anyone can cite any good examples of crime fiction done this way. I'm a Australian published author that is having a crack at one, due to frustration with the mainstream publishers that did my first book.
My blog is called The Curly Situation - it's a humorous crime tale centred on a washed-up Aussie cricketer caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. Think Gregory McDonald's "Fletch" series or (for Aussies) Shane Maloney's Murray Whelan books.
Anyone seen any other good examples out there?

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Declan Burke's Gonzo Noir is brilliant. I find it difficult/annoying to read big chunks of stuff online, so it really has to be something special to grab me. Kevin Wignall did one ages ago which was superb. It was called Like Plastic. Declan's and Kevin's are both really really good stuff. I have a feeling that there was another one I enjoyed but mostly the ones I've tried didn't enthrall me enough to keep reading off the screen.


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