I just discovered Shelfari, a website dedicated to letting put your book collection online. There's no sense explaining, just see for yourself.

Here is my page to give you an idea what it's like. Awesome, no?

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Isn't there already that other "library" thing? It's international and for all I know, they exchange books.
Can't imagine going to the trouble of doing this. It's hard enough to keep my real book shelves dusted.
Library Thing doesn't look as cool though. But I guess it isn't for everybody.
Very cool!
As far as I know, Shelfari is completely free.
What about goodreads? Does anyone know how all of this compares? It all is free--but I heard somewhere(MMA?) that someone had their mailing list get spam on shelfari--is that true?
I believe that was because Shelfari automatically checks the send to all feature when you have it search your address book. All you have to do is uncheck that box and then check the addresses you want to invite.

Also, Library Thing isn't completely free. You can only catalog up to 200 books for free, then you have to pay either $10 a year or $25 for a lifetime memberships. Shelfari is completely free. I don't know anything about Goodreads.
I'm new to goodreads but I don't see a limit on books. I can post their badge on myspace and all of my latest reads appear automatically. You can invite friends on goodreads to everything from signings at your local bookstore to virtual events. And you can compare bookshelves or do a review on a book and see what others have said about the same.
I keep meaning to check out shelfari and library thing but haven't had the time
I have used it for a year and I agree it's a fantastic site. I also recommend goodreads
www.goodreads.com It's a similar idea --great way to meet otehr authors--thats how I found crimespace.
I thought those sites were for readers, not authors.
I'm a Goodreads user, but I've heard a lot about Shelfari, and I know there are other book shelf-type websites. Anyone have any opinions as to which are the best? Which have the best features, the most members? What about whether one or the other support author promotion better. I know Goodreads allows authors, libraries and bookstores to post events and invite people to the events.
I'm happy with LibraryThing and Goodreads - but I struggled with Shelfari and have basically thrown in the towel. I couldn't record a large percentage of my collection because they didn't recognise large numbers of my books - probably those published here or similar - don't know didn't stop to check what wouldn't upload, but it all started to get too hard.
Nice find John. It would take me forever to list my library though, as I have more books than I care to count. I have seven shelves in my house full, plus stacks and stacks of boxes loaded. And I keep getting more books to read etc.

I have started my list though...so thanks.

btw...johnny got his gun, from your wish list, is an excellent, excellent book, the movie was pretty darned good too.


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