I know until it's finished.
Actually, I'm enjoying doing it so much--I'm afraid I won't want to stop.
In your revision--how long (roughly) would you say it took you?
it took me three drafts to get the story I wanted.
Although I didn't actually start writing until March.

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Hemingway (I think) said a book is never really finished, it's just due. Yes, you can fall in love with the revision process and tweak a book to death. After three drafts I think you should get it out to some beta readers, do one more draft after that, and then start querying agents. Time for your baby to leave the nest and take flight.
thank you very much, Jude.
I think I get you!
actually, this is the sink or swim draft.
Just wish I knew some beta readers!
They say the readers should be those people you don't know.
Any advice? would appreciate it.
I'll read it.
oh John!
are you cool or what!
thanks so much.
just working on the final draft--shouldn't take too long.
and thanks!!!!
No problem. Just message me whenever you're ready.
will do, John.
and thanks again!
Goodness! Thanks.
I'm just beginning the final--and it's going to take some time, but that lovely of you, Nikki.
so grateful
Every piece of writing is different.

My first fully completed novel has been through the editing process that it is like the hammer a carpenter friend of mine has.

"Look at this hammer, Den. It's my favorite, I've used most everyday for the past twenty five years."

"Really, Rodney. It's a might fine looking hammer, in fact, it looks brand new."

"Well, I have replaced the handle four times, and the head three times."

And, that's how it can go with editing. I'm going back to work now. Maybe edit my baby some more. I wonder what the original premise was...?
well said!
and cleverly vivid!
really i got it!
just don't want to hit myself in the head with it!
the funny thing is, since I started that discussion, I've become more confident with my revision--I started to really enjoy it. you know, to see the thing begin to shape up.
there's still a lot to do--but I'm getting there.
thanks Dennis. now where did I put my hammer?!


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