This summer I've seen a lot of movies on the big screen. THE DARK KNIGHT, MAMMA MIA, THE VISITOR, TELL NO ONE, to name a few. But I have to say FROZEN RIVER, an independent film, was the best one out of the bunch.

It's a crime film, noirish at times. The characters are amazing (when is the last time you've seen a worn-out, impoverished fiftysomething woman play the lead of a crime movie?) and the twists of the plot are magnificent. You can't predict anything in this movie. If it's playing in your neighborhood, go see it.

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I am dying to see this. I have liked Melissa Leo since HOMICIDE. She has been a seriously underused actor. Also liked the ones you mentioned above. But there has been no break out film for me. But maybe this...
HOMICIDE, of course. See this movie as soon as you can before the hype overwhelms it!
I saw FROZEN RIVER last night and I agree it's excellent. Melissa Leo plays the lead character, a mother of two boys whose gambling-addicted husband went AWOL after she shot him in the foot - he'd gambled away the down payment for a double-wide trailer. She gets embroiled in a smuggling scheme, ferrying illegal immigrants across the frozen St. Lawrence river on the U.S./Canadian border. It was filmed entirely in upstate New York, and I loved the fact that none of the actors were Hollywood-gorgeous.


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