My blog is called THE MYSTERY BOOKSHELF at and I've found that most of the books that I recommend are in the first-person. I don't know why, but I feel that the third-person is more clunky. With first-person narratives, I’m part of the story more.

Because of this, I also have to admit that I tend to read books written by male authors than female authors. For some reason, female writers seem to use the third person more. It has nothing to do with sexism. I’ve read Minette Walters, Deborah Crombie, Julie Spencer-Fleming, Laura Lippman, Charles Todd, Elizabeth George, and a host of others. However, only a few female authors seem comfortable with the first person, and these tend to be my favorites: S.J. Rozan, Kris Nelscott, and Laurie R. King.

Do you have a preferences for the first-person or third-person?

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My preference is for third person. The advantage is that readers can stay in the action without the author having to contrive the protagonist's involvement in every scene. Very few first-person characters are interesting enough to be the sole perspective, but I enjoy it when an author makes it work. When I write, I turn to first-person more often with very short fiction. That's my POV.


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