I've just read my first Nameless Detective Series book - called 'Fever' - and I really enjoyed it. Can anyone tell me about the series? Is it worth going back to the start or is it okay to jump about?


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I haven't read any of these, but wasn't sure. To save others the Amazon search, the author is Bill Pronzini. You have piqued my interest and I will be adding some of these to my to read list.
Being as occasionally the UK is a cultural wasteland, I've only read one or two of the Nameless series - - think they're excellent PI novels, and I think given the nature of the protagonist, it is likely not neccesary to read them in order.

But then I am one of the rare breed who has no trouble reading a series out of order unless there is a precise and planned chronology to events (ie, David Peace's Red Riding Quartet or Ray Banks's Cal Innes novels).

Anyway, Pronzini's series - the ones I've read - is very good.
Thanks for the feedback. I think I'll hunt around the local bookshops and see what I can find.
I'm a big fan of Pronzini's and have read most of the Nameless series. In my opinion, the books in the early to mid 90s are the best - SENTINELS, DEMONS, EPITAPHS, and especially HARDCASE. The series as a whole is not all that hard-boiled but those titles sure are.

Of his more recent novels, BLEEDERS and MOURNERS are really good. I haven't read FEVER yet but plan to soon.


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