Lots of the good folk here at Crimespace blog and I keep an eye on a fair few of those. I also, I don't doubt, have lots more to discover and enjoy and I'm looking forward to that. There are two non-crime ones, though, that I read pretty much every day.

First, there's Ross Halfin (http://www.rosshalfin.co.uk/home/intro.php), the rock/travel photographer, because I love his photographs and the blog has such a strong voice. I also pinch the odd pic from Mr H to put on my desktop, which currently features Chris Cornell. Then there's Mick Wall (http://www.mickwall.com/blog/blog.php), veteran music writer, whose blog I got into as a result of reading RH's and whose style I also admire. (And whose books I am starting to collect as a result of reading his blog.)

There are others (non-crime) that I pop in and out of on an irregular basis, but these two are pretty much the equivalent of a coffee and a fag when I get to work on a morning (or switch my comp on if I have a day off).

So... what about you? Who do you enjoy reading? What am I missing?

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I'm a diehard Aussie through and through, and I love reading Treasure's Tales (http://www.rachaeltreasure.com/). Rachael is an author but not a mystery author but mostly she is a Tasmanian farmer. She has a great sense of humour and will appeal to most rural Australians.
Dooce. Every day. She's hilarious and a tremendous writer. www.dooce.com
Oh, people, you've come up trumps yet again! I've checked out some of these - still got some to look at - but no duffers yet. I've come to the conclusion that I'm going to have to give up sleep.


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