I've registered for Bouchercon, and I'm wondering who else from Crimespace is going - maybe we could meet somehow, somewhere. I've checked the schedule of panels, and unfortunately they don't seem to have assigned me one, but at least they've listed me as an author with a link to my website.

The schedule looks daunting. Six time slots per day on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, an average of five panels per time slot and five authors per panel - that's an average of 150 authors per day, most of whom I've never heard of, or 450 for the three days, not counting Sunday morning. Presumably all will be selling at least one book - the math and the sheer weight of all those books are staggering, as would be the cost if I patronized more than a few of them. Oh well - they say it's all about the networking, not the sales.

I'll save further comments for my personal blog, but I'd love to hear others' opinions as to how to get the most out of this humungous event.

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I'm going to be there as well. This is only my second B'Con but I learnt from the first one that I attended (Chicago) that the place to be is the bar! There are a number of panels that I am planning on attending (I am also moderating one) but I am also conscious of the fact that I shall be spending time in the bar catching up with all my friends that I only generally get to keep in contact with online and renewing the friendships that I made in Chicago.

Jon Jordan note is spot on. Don't feel upset about missing a couple of panels and just hanging out with friends. I am sure that you will enjoy B'Con. I was made very welcome when I went to Chicago.
The thing about Bouchercon and even smaller conventions is that it's not about selling your boo so much as it's about selling yourself.

The sheer logistics make it impossible for people to buy all the books they want, but the trick is to plant seeds so these readers will buy your book later. The weekend isn't about booksales for that weekend but about future sales and growing a bigger fan base for you as an author, not just the latest book.

People talk about justifying the cost of going, but truthfully, the amount of books you would have to sell th cover the cost would be more than will be on hand anyway. If you get too wrapped up in booksales you'll end up making yourself crazy. There are so many things to get out of Bouchercon that it would be a shame to miss it because you are so worried about sales.

As far as pitching, I know there will be agents and editors around all weekend and while they are there on business, don't forget they are there to have fun too. If someone is having a good time talking with some folks that's probably not a good time to pitch something.

The main reason to go to Bouchercon is because you love the mystery genre.

And to see Sandra and Ayo and Christa....
This will be my first Bouchercon. I've always heard the place to be was the bar too, and I was kind of dubious, since my mystery is about recovery and 12-step programs. But wouldn't you know? They put me on a Thursday morning panel on the role of alcohol in crime fiction, "I Can't Stand Up for Falling Down." I guess I'd better go with the flow, huh?
Hi Liz,
I noticed your name on that Thursday morning panel - too bad I won't arrive till Thursday night!

I vividly recall sharing a cab with you downtown from a MWA cocktail party to a mystery event at a downtown bookstore. The alcohol flowed freely, as I recall. That kind of event beats morning panels, IMHO. See you at the bar?


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