I have looked at all of the links in the Resources tab on this site, but that still left me wondering. Does anyone have any suggestions for outlets for short mystery stories? As most would guess, my first preference would be an ink on paper publication that would pay me. That said, I would consider no-pay or online as long as they don't ask me for money.

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Hi there. One good resource is:


Strictly speaking it's spec-fic, and a lot of the markets listed are sci-fi, fantasy and horror, and most are quite specific ("psycho zombie sex stories only"). But what with genre crossover, there might be something appropriate - and it's a good place to find general markets who might do something more fitting for you later on.
I have two that you may wish to consider:
Powder Flash Burn http://powderburnflash.blogspot.com and www.powderburn.com for crime fiction.

Darkest Before the Dawn http://darknessbefore.blogspot.com for fiction up to 10,000 words.

I recommend checking out the FREE short mystery fiction society. They have a yahoogroups discussion that allows members to share information about mystery short story markets and they list markets on their website: http://www.shortmystery.net/index.html , both paying and nonpaying and print and online. I've found some markets for my short stories as a result of being a member of the group. Good luck!
Spinetingler Magazine is looking for submissions.
Thanks to all.
I'm revising my story and sorting through these suggestions to devise a plan. Also in the mix is a short story contest that Writer's Digest is running.
Thrilling Detective is a webzine and it pays but not much. They also require you to buy them beer if you get rich and famous. Certainly worth a look.
No one mentioned Crimewav.com...

I hesitate to bring an old thread back from the dead like this, but Mystery Weekly is another e-zine that that pays for submissions http://mysteryweekly.com


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