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I'm writing a mystery/comedy podcast which is based on the "cozy" mystery idea. We're doing the show just like the old time radio serials - "The Falcon", "Candy Matson", etc. To simplify things here the show is "Murder, She Wrote" meets "Friends" and my question is I don't let the main character (ameteur detective) change all that much but I would like to since I'd like to let the town "characters" shine a little more - should I make it a "character altering revelation" happen or allow it to happen over time? There are 32 shows planned and we're in 10 shows already, I'm just not sure what the right thing to do is as I'd like to keep the show sustainable over time...any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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You have 22 shows left. Have a character altering revelation at the last minute b4 u go off air 4 that episode. Cause they will tune in 4 the next installment. Keep 'em in suspense. Cheers Karen
I grew up on the old time radio serials. I did ironing every Sunday while listening to the afternoon shows. I rarely iron now, but my mind occasionally plays back old sound bites. Sound effects were important to me. Who doesn''t remember the sound of the creaking door or the piercing tune of "The Whistler." (Should there be a question mark after Whistler ???). The narrator's voice was often highly distinctive, and the musical background also added to the shows. So for me, I would say that each episode should be able to stand alone and a "character alterating revelation" over time is not really necessary.
I'm learning the hard way on these epidsodes. I'm so glad I kept it very simple and very "Murder, she wrote." I've had a lot of comments "lame, boring" on the "rate this show" mp3 forums from things like iTunes which is just heart wrenching to me for the actors on the episodes but this is how we learn. Fail, Fail and Fail better!
I don't think you'd want to do anything too drastic in any one episode so if it were me I'd stretch them out little by little over the entire season...
Thanks BlaqueSaber. I have a bit of a break to work it out and I'm changing things a little here and there as I go, so it's working out "little by little". Thanks again.


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