The awards, I know, are not US awards, but we all read books from all over the world in this global society. So it is always interesting to me to see who wins. I read about the impending announcement on a Reuters site.

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Thanks, Sue. I'm looking forward to your posting them. I've had some great finds among the Bookers. In any case, the picks are an interesting topic.
And while we're on the subject: The Shamus awards have just been announced. Since I was among those judging this time, I thought I'd mention it.
Good for you!
I see an Indian writer won, Aravind Adiga, for THE WHITE TIGER. Sounds good to me. I've read a number of very strong novels by Asian authors.
Thank you for the update. I have so many books on my TBR shelf now, but I will look into White Tiger.

I am reading a Norwegian novel now, Karin Fossum's Don't Look Back (translated by Felicity David), and I just discovered (Where have I been?) James Lee Burke's daughter, Alafair Burke, who has written several crime novels. Oviously her style has been positively influenced by her father.
I see that the Booker choice is controversial.
Karin Fossum is good. Very atmospheric.


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