I'm reading this right now. Really good. The author, Patrick McGilligan, has some awesome prose. In a parallel universe he's probably a world famous poet.

Anybody else ever read this bio?

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Not yet, though I am a Hitchcock fan since way back. I will have to keep an eye out for it.
There was a piece about Hitchcock on the TV show "Sunday Morning" this morning.

I enjoyed his films, and when I worked the desk in the YA section of a small public library, I noticed that even his books with recommendations for "scary stories" were popular with the younger crowd. Somewhere I heard that he had a quirky sense of humor to the point where he would be on an elevator with a friend and comment about a ghastly crime scene (imaginary, of course) when there was a full elevator load of people. Then he would get off with his friend right at the most juicy part of the conversation.


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