I'm thinking about taking the plunge. Anyone else getting ready to give it try?

Any advice from those that have done it in past years?

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Just saw your page, Richard! You are way ahead of me. I've got to get busy. My goal for the end of today was 27,000 and I'm almost there. I've got to really buckle down now! Best to us all.
I'm a little over 30,000. I've won the last two years. I'm The Warbler, BTW.
Congrats Dennis! I love hearing about people that returned. Helps reinforce the rest of us first time NaNos!
Well guys, I'm done. Life has taken over and there is no way I can caught up my word count. :( I was able to get some great ideas out of my head and onto paper/computer. That feels good! I will try again next year.

Good luck to everyone that is still typing away! ;)
Whadya mean? There are 10 days left. I've been stuck on 32 gee-s since Sunday, but I;ll do 'er.
There is no way I can get caught up in 10 days. It is great to have this support! I hope that all the Crimespace people do well! I am cheering for you all.

There is always next year for me!
I'm with you, I've done the full 50K in 10 days. They were incredibly long days, but I got it done :) Six years, six wins and counting -- I was determined to participate this year even though life is really getting in the way. But, I'd hate to ruin my run :)

Nikki Leigh
That's the attitude, Nikki. I'm struggling learning the Windows Vista programs, they're driving me bats.
Congratulations Nikki! Thanks for showing us how to make it happen!

Torch, congrats to you for entering and getting as far as you did. Every word seems to be worthwhile, putting you closer to whatever goal you have. They'll all words you wouldn't have unless you tried.

For me--I'm making progress but it took longer to get my words out during week three. Nevertheless, I'm determined to hit the magic number before the calendar runs out.


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