I'm thinking about taking the plunge. Anyone else getting ready to give it try?

Any advice from those that have done it in past years?

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I forgot to mention that five of those books are published and I'm finishing last years project which I've changed radically quite a few times - but I'm finally happy with the table of contents. Technology keeps changing the topics I want to discuss :)

Hi Richard,

I've completed NaNo for the last four years, and two of my books are now published. However, this year I just don't have time as my freelancing is keeping me busy. One of the things that helped me to finish NaNo successfully was to divide the 50,000 words by how many days I intended to write. That way I knew what I needed to accomplish each day and it kept me on target.

Right now I'm busy revising last year's project, and it's where I want to spend my time. I'm also writing for LoveToKnow, and along with that researching blogs on which to promote "My Father, My Don" through Promo 101 Virtual Blog tours. I'm looking for crime related blogs so if you know anyone, send them my way at virtualblogtours@yahoo.com.

If you have any questions regarding NaNoWriMo, I'd be more than happy to help.

Donna Sundblad
Nikki - thanks for the links! Lots of useful information. I especially like the idea of wearing a hat while you're writing. A constant reminder you're in NaNo mode!

Donna - thanks for the encouragement and advice on daily word counts. I don't know if I'll hit 50K. But even if I end up with only 10K, I'll be further ahead than I would be without trying.
That what I always tell people - even if you don't hit 50K - you will have more words on paper than you had in October :)

I just signed up. I'm already working on my second novel, but not being on a deadline, I'm turning into kind of a slacker where that's concerned. I look upon this as a real challenge, but I believe it will be great fun too. I look forward to it.
I've already started. 2,000 words and a completed outline today. The targets make it fun.

Got started this morning and wrote a little over 2000 words. The NaNo site is slower than dial-up! I think they've temporarily removed the search function so you can't find other members. Hopefully they'll get that patched up soon.

Please post your ID names here if you're joining the fun this year, so we can all find each other. Best of luck to everyone who signed up this time around.
The site is always slow the first couple of days and sometimes they do turn off some functions. In a few days it will seem better

Yeah, it's slow because everyone is updating their word counts at the same time. It's actually running faster than previous years though, I think. I've actually been able to update several times today.
Wow, John you made some serious progress today--congratulations!
Well, we're almost halfway through! I'm really surprising myself by keeping up with my daily goals. I'm happy too because I see real possibilities with my story there. Probably not an actual 'novel' but kind of 'long short' perhaps. I'm suspense2009 out there on NaNo. Those of us in it: LET'S DO THIS BECAUSE WE CAN!
Congrats Crimewriter, you're right on track! Now that the Authors function on the site is back on it's much easier to find people. So far it's been a really fun challenge. I hope I've got the discipline to continue writing every day when it's over.

Best of luck to all the CrimeSpace writers during the second half!


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