Carrying on a question used by a couple of panels at Bouchercon:

You wake up to the sound of the police pounding on the motel room door. Blood is everywhere; a dead hooker lies on the floor of the bathroom. You barely make it out the window before the police come in.

Which fictional detective do you call, and why?

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Not enough background.

What are you doing in a motel room? Do you recognize the hooker? Why are you fleeing? An innocent man would admit the police, therefore do you have reason to fear the police (beyond the fact that the room is messy)? Are you married? Do you have reason to think someone (other than the police) has framed you? Who? Why?

If things are really black and you expect to be crucified by the authorities, you might give Reacher a try. He's used to dealing with unconventional situations.
If it was a motel room in Boston, I'd call Spenser. In LA, Elvis Cole.
If it was Boston, could I skip Spenser and go straight to Hawk?
I was hoping that wherever Spenser goes, Hawk wouldn't be far behind.


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