Wondering what Crimespace members have tuned into ABC's new crime show Life On Mars? I like it and recommend... its entertaining. Reminds me of Twillight Zone meets CSI.

What do you think?

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I think it will get better. So far there are way too many clumsy references in every single scene to the fact that it's, "1973."

But there's real potential there, for a couple seasons anyway.
Unfortunately, it's been cancelled.

I don't the the references are clumsy ... It was a different world back there. As strange a period of time as I have ever experienced. It was not just a different when, it was a different where ... As the comedian Sinbad said, It was like we were on another planet. "Real life" was strange. I remember once watching people dance ... It was not so much the dance. It was the clothes and the bizzare attitudes.
I will probably give it a couple more chances, but generally time travel is a "jump the shark" event. For this show it is the premise.
I love the British series, so I checked out the premier of the U.S. one. Wasn't too impressed, mainly because John Sims was so great as Sam Tyler -- he's such a class act, he's a tough act to follow.
I like it so far.
So far it is duplicating the British version. When it finds its own voice, as I think it will, it will take off. The Brit version was fabulous. Absolutely.
Unfortunately, ABC will not be picking Life On Mars up for next season. It does give the writers a chance to end the series instead of leaving us hanging.
A new rumor says we'll see the entire 17 episodes already produced.
That's correct, the episodes are complete yet. It will give them time to write a good ending for the series.
LOM is the only prime-time TV I actually watch these days. I really love it, and am sorry to read that's it's been canceled. However, that seems to be par for the course in Televisionland -- if it's good, it'll get canceled. If it wasn't for PBS I think I'd get rid of my idiot box altogether -- MK
I have to say, Life On Mars was one of my favorite tv shows...it actually seemed to have the heart, intellect, and soul that so many other shows ignore. And reading the comments, most saying it's been cancelled, makes me a bit dissapointed. I wonder if it's because it doesn't offer immeidiate gratification with each ending, or what? Cheesy 70s aside, the show made me wonder about it at least until Jay Leno...hey, that's saying something...
I watched what appeared to be the final episode of Life on Mars tonight. Too bad.



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