Subliminal psychotic induction via your computor screen

Has anyone heard of SPI being used to induce people over the internet or in computer games, that is to get them to buy something, go some place, or do something they would not normally do. Does anyone feel they may have been effected, only realising after the event? Like why did I do that? The same with their children or those with a vulnerable mentality. I ask becouse I have just finished a crime thriller, The Unseen, where SPI is use to influence victems

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I'm pretty much a rationalist, so I don't buy that stuff. However, this is not true of the majority of book buyers. You should do well.
I've never heard of that and when I Googled it I came up with nothing except for this post.

But that's very scary to think about. In layman's terms, you are basically inducing someone subliminally to have delusional thoughts about some product or place? There's the whole subliminal messaging of course (watch Fight Club for its take on subliminal messaging, it's pretty clever and scary as well), but into psychosis? Weird. Really weird. But I like it.
Just think what could be done by the wrong people, not only to kids and radical students but also stirring up the right wing, the left wing, not to mention those in between.
Sublinial advertising was used in the early days of television in Australia but was banned in the 1960's. It was an effective form of advertising where a brand name would be quickly flashed on the sceen time and time again. People were going out and buying without even knowing what they were buying hence the Government step in and legislated against it.
I remember hearing about sublinial advertising used at the movies.
The idea that the goverment stepped in to control it blows my mind.
If they had any smarts, they could use that idea to thier advantage, (not that I would approve).
I have a "old" story idea that came to me years ago about a computer taking over the writers mind, and writing the story itself.
I would love to learn more about this and maybe I might decide to dig out that long lost dusty "Drawer Novel".
My worry is that goverments in a covert manner still have the ability to use SPI if they so choose. Not that any goverment would admit it. Hence in the finish of my book the Unseen which is just coming out, it's not the goverments but the covert security services which steal the smart time technologe to use SPI.
It sounds like you and I are on the same track, developing a story. I was thinking more in the line of Stephen King. What's your take?
The extra security service would be a twist I had not thought of.
I wonder if that is not something we should concider now in our country's situation we have found ourselves in with some of the third world countries.
Just a thought.
Think what a terrorist group could do if they target radical but uncommited students or religious groups. They can do this from abroad and there is little the target country can do to stop them. It's my belife this is already happening in the U.K.
How would we ever know....although they might be "balls'y" enough to admit it,
You have really got me thinking now...
I just signed up for this years NaNo writing challenge, and digging out my "dusty drawer novel", conscidering your thoughts about students and religious groups being a lead target really got me thinking......maybe I do have a good idea for a new story line,
You may think I am being a real smart a.., wanting to turn this serious situation into a story, but the ramifications are mind-boggling.
Read my book, The Unseen. Published by AuthorHouse this week. I go into detail. You can get it through them or by now maybe Amazon. I'm currently just finishing a follow up. Excepted or not, SPI is out there and the results will not be good.
Is this a response to the clear text of the message or to the subliminal content?
Problem is, you cannot legislate against the internet.


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