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I can't imagine they will find a dog who looks like this one, or if they made the attempt, but I'm going to find out. Another thing I love is the details of the work that Cilla and Ford do. There's no way that's going to be included in the movie. I seem to be saying, read the book. :-) But there are lots of promising visuals in it.
Well, if I watch the movie, and it leaves a lot to be desired according to your description, then I'll have to go and buy yet another book! LOL ah my "to be read" is monolithic in size!;)
I haven't even seen the movie yet, Loretta. I'm guessing they won't be able to include all the book's strengths. So by all means, buy the book. :-)
Yes, they left out the dog. They also left out the heroine's father. Both characters created ties to the reader that went beyond romantic attraction, and to me that's a good thing. Not to the movie makers.

I wonder why producers don't consider that they could make a better movie from a book if they would create a running time of more than two-hours-including-commercials. Viewer attention spans would be longer if the movies were better.

I'm not saying "Nora Roberts' Tribute" was a bad movie. I watched it twice. It could have been so much better if it weren't so pared down.
I did watch Tribute...and it was very good, but as you guessed, no dog in I'm sure something was lost in the translation. So far, Midnight Bayou is my favorite, but again, that's because I like things to do with NO. So I'm biased:)
Now reading Roberts' CARNAL INNOCENCE, 1991. Mississippi plantation: three heirs with nothing to do but laze around and let their money take care of them. Their small town is plagued by a serial slasher killing the daughters of the local families. Famous piano prodigy escaping her hectic life of performance tours moves into her grandmother's old house, just in time to find the third body. Roberts is developing a skill for character development.
Swag by Elmore Leonard
Well my current reading list is kind of long...i read quite a bit.

I found, at my local bookstore that was having a 'housecleaning' sale, three of Lawrence Blocks Evan Tanner I am reading those. I also found, at the same sale, twenty one other books on my list, consisting of Westlake, Stephenson, Chandler now I am tackling 361 by Donald Westlake...and I really like this book, and will probably finish it tonight. I think I will begin his Dortmunder series next.
I turned out to like CARNAL INNOCENCE quite a lot, but bogged down and quit on Roberts' GENUINE LIES. I probably would have kept reading it, except that the prologue shows the heroine being arraigned for the murder of the movie star she is writing a biography of. I hate books where the hero/heroine is the main suspect.
Just finished Michael Marshall's Bad Things. Good but different.
I'm finishing Muriel Barbery's THE ELEGANCE OF THE HEDGEHOG and loving it. Sometimes bestsellers are actually good.
ECLIPSE, third in the Twilight series. This is one of the many things I saved up to do on vacation -- I need two vacations.


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