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currently readin 'full whack' by Charlie Higson (of 'the fast show' fame)
Just finished Connelly's BLACK ICE. It was satisfactory, though I'm not a huge fan of Bosch and this one suffers some from the sort of convoluted plot that is designed to deliver a last minute twist.
As much as I like Michael Connelly, I think he has taken Bosch much too far. He has written some fine fiction outside Bosch. I don't like his lawyer character though.
I like Mick Haller better than Bosch. It may be because his tales are first person narrative. This makes for a curious mix in REVERSAL, where Connelly switches POV in the chapters. It works, though, but it made me think about the drawbacks, characterwise, of third person, unless you make a real effort to deal with the character's emotions. Bosch has always struck me as too unemotional.
That's funny for I've always thought him too emotional, too politically correct, I want to say, just go after the bad guys, Harry. I like the way he fights the establishment. Stays doggedly on course.
Haller turns me off completely, too grubby, working out of his car and all, no dazzling courtroom scenes.
Am catching up on the Matthew Shardlake series written by C J Sansom. Shardlake is the hunchback lawyer and the series is set in HenryVIII's England at the time of Cromwell. A painless way to learn some history.

Also new to me is Louise Penny's series set in a small Candian border town called Three Pines. First is 'Still Life' and I anticipate the writing getting stronger as the series progresses (doesn't it always?)

Looking forward to 'No Kiss for the Devil' written by Adrian Magson and nicely reviewed on the eurocrime web page. I'll download that from Audible.

Took a departure into Science fiction with 'The Seeker' about a lost colony, space adventure and all that jazz. Decent listen (another audible book)
I have very serious problems with Penny's style. In fact. I find her unreadable. Not sure if thye book I started was the first.
It's been a while, and I explained it once before. I have a dim recall of extreme cozyness: middle-aged women meeting in tea rooms to hash over the gossip, and some really weird tale of a homeless man in a cave with art treasures. A casual glance at the art treasures suggested a lack of familiarity with European art (or any art).
a dim recall of extreme cozyness:

This may be the only way one can recall "extreme coziness..." dimly. After several glasses of crreamm sherrry....(Well, thenk you I believe I WILL have just another little sssip before I turn the next 100 pages.... )

I did manage to read one entire Penny novel, and almost enjoyed it....except that the murder weapon was SO far-fetched....a statue rigged to fall on the victim? Could you be certain you'd hit the mark? Wouldn't a gun have been so much easier? The second novel I tried....well, there was the token gay couple, the token cantankerous poet, the token town artists, the token....wonderful adoring understanding wife....

If there's a bigger picture there, I didn't get it, either!
Hmm. That doesn't sound right about the art, but it's been a while and I never finished the book.
I'm reading "The Coroner's Lunch" which is part of a series. It is delightfully amusing, lots of remarks about being a Communist in Laos. It's for a senior book club which selects books about old people.
I'm in the process of adding my own b ooks gfto the Nook librfary. 23 are aleady on the Kindle library list. Three are on the Nook list so far. Takes time to upload everything...


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