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go a decent pile of books for Christmas and since then have got through a few of them:


"Donkey Punch" - Ray Banks

"Savage Night - Alan Guthrie

"Shame the Devil" - Georg Pelenacos


just started Gary McMahon's "Pretty Little Dead Things"


and still got these to read:

"Savage Season" - Joe R Lansdale

"Pop. 1280" - Jim Thompson

"White Butterfly" - Walter Mosley


and got some vouchers I might go and spend this afternoon.

I've just finished THE CONFESSION, the second book in the procedural series of Olen Steinhauer.  These are set

in a Eastern European capital city during the Communist period.  Each book features a different detective in

the office.  By the end of each book, you care very much about each protagonist.  The author is Texas-born who

went to Roumania on a Fulbright and stayed.


Am reading THE HEART OF THE HUNTER by Deon Meyer, a thriller set in South Africa about a man on a

motorcycle being chased from Capetown to Botswana.  I've noticed that I'm reading this one quickly; I guess

that means that the book has successfully trapped me.

I’ve just finished  my 5th, Jane Austen’s 3rd, novel, Mansfield Park, written after Sense and Sensibility and Pride and Prejudice. I find it to be the best. The prose in all her books is superlative, her vocabulary astounding. In Mansfield Park she brings her characters out in depth and suspense abounds . Fanny’s vulnerability kept me on
my toes throughout.

Nothing beats PRIDE AND PREJUDICE.  :)
I'll have to read it again, IJ. I just need a little r and r.

I've been captured for a while by the 14th & 15th centuries. Current read is THE YORKIST AGE by Paul Murray Kendall. I got from the library HER DEADLY MISCHIEF, one of Beverly Graves Myers's Tito Amato the Castrato mysteries, so I'm heading to 18th century Italy next. I've had Myers's 3rd & 4th books for a while.


CRUEL MUSIC has to do with the election of a successor to Pope Clement XII.

THE IRON TONGUE OF MIDNIGHT looks like the equivalent of an "isolated English manor" mystery, with arias.

HER DEADLY MISCHIEF is revenged during Tito's best performance.


I love mysteries involved with the arts.


I wish I had a list of the titles/authors of all the books mentioned in this thread.  I could then take it to the one volunteer library we have down here (Costa Rica).  Maybe, maybe, maybe one or a few more titles can be found.  As I said, Amazon does not send books to CR.  So it would be pure luck to find one or more!   Happy reading.  I am reading Sara Paretsky's Total Recall.  Then on to our Dan Coleman's book: Foul Shot.  Inbetween a little legal work(!), writing an article, and wrestling with a Google and Thunderbird email problem.



I had the same problem in Mexico, and the British outfit would send.

Not cheap, though.


Does Kindle work in CR?

Yes, I can download directly to my computer in Costa Rica without having to buy the machine, but not all authors have their books on Kindle. 

I set my Kindle price (US$9.99) lower than the paperback (US$23.99), so although the royalty is less per book, more Kindle books sell than paperback ones. So if you want name recognition more than you need royalties, Kindle is a good idea.

Kindle sales are not included in the Amazon ratings.

At some point, I priced the sending cost from some Amazon affiliate to CR.  It was $39 and change per book.  That is plain ridiculous as well as prohibitive.



Amazon Kindle has separate ratings, but it has ratings.
Very true.  I wonder how many folks are aware of them.
Novelrank is far more informative than ratings.


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