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Thank you, I.J.
Meg - I love Jo Nesbo's books.  Nuanced and fascinating - very much a favourite author (for the small pinch of salt that's worth :) ).
I will keep him in the hopper, then, Karen, thanks so much!
Just started RELIQUARY by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child. The sequel to their first book together RELIC. I'm enjoying it so far.
In the past two weeks I've been lucky and read two really good books, Robert Crais'  'The Sentry' and Stephen Hunter's  'Dead Zero'.  -Also read " The Odin Mission" by James Holland, historically interesting, but a bit dry and not gripping. -I'm looking forward to next books by Jon Loomis, Randy Wayne White and John Sandford.

I just got The Sentry in the mail recently. On my to read list. Would love to hear what you think of it.


I enjoyed Stephen Hunter's first Bob-Lee Swagger, but not enough to read more of them. Does he get better with time?

The Sentry was a book that centred very much on Joe Pike and drew out more of his character than we've seen before. I like realistic characterisations, and having known a few people a bit like Joe in the military and felt this was a interesting approach.


I've enjoyed most of the 'Bob  the Nailer'  books and did feel this was better than most - but Bob's getting old, how long can he go on ?

I just finished Lee Child's 61 Hours. At the risk of annoying everyone, since this was a hot topic when the book came out, I'll just say that it was the first time Child disappointed me. And the slam-bang ending, which came as a relief after all those freezing scenes in the snow, seemed like a come-on to the reader to buy the next book to find out what happened to Reacher. No fair!

I was annoyed with the cliff-hanger too, but I loved the book.


I was more annoyed with the follow-up and what he did with the cliff-hanger. I don't want to give any spoilers.

It didn't bother me.  Child has been moving into the direction of making the character more unreal and somewhat mythic. Reacher appears out of nowhere and then disappears again. That's fine with me. I doubt he needs tricks to make people buy his next book.

Not a good week.  Started with Ridley Pearson's UNDERCURRENTS. This is a seral killer police procedural and about average as those go. Clearly, the plot is already outlined for the author of a serial killer novel: body with weird mutilations plus a second ditto. A lot of profiling.  Some more bodies. Then, when the detective gets close, it gets personal. They never seem to change and are utterly predictable.

Then Geraldine Evans, BLOOD ON THE BONES. A cozy police procedural. With nuns.  And more words than would have made three novels. Therefore: too boring to read! 

I've just started SECOND SHOT by Zoe Sharp, the sixth in her Charlie Fox series (the second one to take place in America). Fast-paced and a lot of fun.


David DeLee

Fatal Destiny - a Grace deHaviland novel


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