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Just started Lee Child's new book, The Affair. The first 50 pages have reminded me why I just love his books.

I literally got my pre-ordered book in the mail on Friday. Can I just say that Australia sucks for new releases of media! Another reason so many people are going digital. Hell, Matt Hilton liked my post on that matter when his book turned up 2 months after release.

THE AFFAIR is on my to be read list, so sorry to hear you have such trouble getting new releases down there. Sounds like the wait was worth it though.


David DeLee

Fatal Destiny - a Grace deHaviland novel


I'm looking forward to the new Reacher novel.  But Lee Child isn't really on my to-buy list.  He doesn't need the money and the books aren't really keepers.  I'll wai till it gets to my library.

I'm just finishing Lisa Unger's Beautiful Lies. Great story and well written. Unger does a great job with interior thoughts in this first person POV. I'll buy more of her books, but not till I finish the stack waiting for me.

I feel like a spy novel so the next I'll read will either be Daniel Silva's The Defector, John Le Carre's Absolute Friends, or Havana Bay by Martin Cruz Smith. Ah, such choices. Anyone read any of them? Want to push one over the other?

I've read Martin Cruz Smith, who's very good most of the time (his Tokyo novel being the exception).
There are a few books in the line up but mostly I am focusing more on actually writing books.  I spent the first years of my life reading a lot.  Its not as if I don't read at all, but if I read and write a lot of fiction - although I am sane enough to stay in touch with reality it effects me so much that instead of really living in the real world its more like I can make long distance calls to reality and get a strong connection.
Right now I'm reading The Brain Vault by Lawrence Kelter. I'm really enjoying it. I got into his books recently and like that his style is very much in line with Evanovich and DeMille, if you're into that sort of thing.

I'm reading THE BEST AMERICAN MYSTERY STORIES; an annual anthology put out by Otto Penzler and a guest editor, this year Harlan Coben. I've enjoyed the first four or five short stories I've read so far.


David DeLee

Fatal Destiny - a Grace deHaviland novel

Just finished Maureen Jennings, VICES OF MY BLOOD.  This whole series is excellent and a good example of how good historical mysteries can be.  It's a police procedural set in Victorian Toronto with hefty doses of social conditions, and a very dark and moody atmosphere. 

I finished The Affair by Lee Child last week. Really enjoyed it, review here.


I'm half-way through Jo Nesbo's Nemesis. So far it is reminding me of a cross between Connelly and Rankin. Long book with a lot of intertwining plots.

I just finished Havana Bay, by Martin Cruz Smith. Highly recommended!  I once began reading Gorky Park and couldn't get into it. My Bad!  MCS is a terrific writer, full of ironic interior thoughts that made me laugh out loud. His series protagonist, Russian spy Arkady Renko, is back. Not in snowy Russia but in Cuba, where every one hates the Russians who left them high and dry. He encounters a delightfully droll local detective, female of course, who sets him on his ear.  Won't tell any more. Read this book, it's terrific!
Just finished Stephen J. Cannell's ON THE GRIND. A Shane Scully novel. Fun, fast paced. He is a talent that will be missed.


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