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 I've just finished ' The Glass Rainbow' by James Lee Burke and here is another well known and very popular writer about whom I've mixed feelings - loved some of his books but not others. In many books, as in Glass Rainbow, Burke has a rambling, brooding, lyrical style that I personally find tedious.  In this book the main characters are Dave Robicheux and family,and the inimitable Clete Purcell.  He tends to draw wonderful characters and their actions, but his main plot wanders and introduces many sub-plots almost to the point of confusion (or am I just too picky? ).

The truest review I've heard of this book is from the Miami Herald  - -“A novel as dark and brooding as a night deep in the bayou.”

I'd be very interested to hear other members on this book .

I've only read one of his books, enjoyed it, but have heard the same thing.

The thing that I didn't enjoy is the deeply depressed nature of the main character and resultant story.

Don't care for Burke, though I have enjoyed some of his descriptions.  He does drop those into the text as solid chunks that should perhaps be more integrated.  I don't like his agendas, and I got thoroughly tired of ye olde bayou stuff.  (Not a fan of that part of the country).

I just finished up LAW OF ATTRACTION by Allison Leotta.

A great debut novel in the legal thriller genre. Well done and well worth the read. Allison is a former federal sex crimes prosecutor, and it comes through in her writing. She also runs a blog on her website where she reviews the television show LAW & ORDER: SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT for real life accuracy. It's interesting and great fun to follow.

Just finished Martin Limon, MISTER KILL.  Part of a series featuring two military policemen in Korea.  Current time, I think.  I mildly liked earlier ones, and I liked this one quite a lot.

Make that MR. KILL.

I've just finished "The Killer" by Tom Hinshelwood

               What a great first novel ! - Victor is an assassin, a hunter/killer . - Now he's being hunted - and he doesn't like it. A very gritty novel with excellent and accurate descriptions of weapons ( That's rare believe me! )  Highly recommended !

I've just started The Detachment by Barry Eisler.

re-reading Christie and Chandler - always worth going through - last new thing was Mr Kerr's Berlin books

MELANCHOLY BABY, book 4 in Robert B. Parker's Sunny Randall series. Quite enjoying it, as I have the previous three.

I'd like to read those early 'Sunny Randall' novels. I've just finished "Blue Screen", ( which I found in a used book stall at flea market. ) This is the one where she meets Jesse Stone, possibly 5-6 in the series. I found it a very steady, good read with a feasible plot and good characterisations.  - Enough to make me search for the earlier ones. 

Ian Rankin, THE IMPOSSIBLE DEAD.   Good, not great.  Pretty much the feeling I've had for all but one of his books.  The one was great.  Still one wonders:  how did he become a # 1 Bestseller?  My guess would be total publisher support.


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