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Quentin Bates' COLD STEAL - good, but not as good as earlier books in the series

Grace Brophy's LAST ENEMY - a strange, little book.  It was a police procedural, but read like a cozy.  I stopped reading at the midpoint, but checked on the last page to see the results. 

Mari Jungsted's THE DEAD OF SUMMER - I have liked all of the books in this series.  Based on the described scene, I would like to visit Gotland.  There is a PBS tv series on the books.  I'm in the middle of this book and just realized that I had seen the tv version.  I didn't notice at first because, the tv version started  with the second murder.   I will finish the book because author writes so well.

Having just finished Claustrophobia by Tracy Ryan, I'm currently reading a non-fiction book to be followed by Challenge by Paul Dalley or the latest Sulari Gentill book A Murder Unmentioned, or ....

Currently reading A Knife for Harry Dodd, by George Bellairs. He's a prolific writer with a huge back-list of books. This one is one of his classic English-detective Inspector Littlejohn mysteries, and it's brilliant. Highly recommended, I can't believe I didn't know Bellairs before now.

Just finished John Grisham's new book, "Gray Mountain".

A good read with Grisham back on his environmental vandalism by big  business track.

Not much court room drama unfortunately and the ending leaves us a bit up in the air as to future events.


At the moment I'm reading a crime/thriller/supernatural book I found on Amazon kindle by Heidi Cieciura. read it before? I'd never heard of this author until now. I've only just started it but it's quite interesting. Tried it because of it's 5 star reviews; usually I only stick to authors I've read before.

Peter James NOT DEAD ENOUGH.  British police procedural. It's ok, though the writing isn't as good as it might be. This one in audio. The book I'm reading is FATAL FROST. This is a novel written by someone else to continue the Frost series of R.D.Wingfield who has died. It's a respectable job, though unfortunately this is a cleaned up Frost without the dirty jokes and silly pranks and offensive language. Sigh! I miss Wingfield's humor.

Yrsa Sigurdardottir's MY SOUL TO TAKE - alright, but not terrific.
William Ryan's HOLY THIEF - in Stalin's time and place, police procedures are pretty much the same. Author's depiction of everyday life then is very good. I've ordered the second of four books in this series.
Archer Mayor's CHAT - it's nice to read another Mayor. I really like the character's empathy for people, even for some of the bad guys.

Robotham is always excellent. I'll have to keep my eyes open for both.

Lee Child, THE HARD WAY.  I like Lee Child. His are the only thrillers I read.

Just finished reading A Time For War, by Michael Savage. I picked it up at a library booksale, didn't know the author was a right-wing nut. There was a story in there somewhere, but there were too many political rants, bashing the liberals, the US government, anyone not ultra conservative. Not to mention his main character spouting scripture every so often and appealing to god to get him out of a jam.  If you see a novel by Michael Savage, beware!

He's a national radio talk show host. Savage is about as far-right as you can get and still be allowed to make millions through the media. And if you listen to AM talk-radio in the USA nowadays, that's saying something! Most of these hypocrites are worse than Archie Bunker. In addition to hating everything that Archie did, they also would like to do away with unions, Social Security and Medicare. All three of which the character Archie supported on All in the Family.

Didn't realize, until I read the back cover blurb that he did a talk show. I never listen to AM talk radio, far too vitriolic for me. And yes, he's way worse than Archie Bunker. The only one who comes close to him is Ann Coulter. haha I'm sure you know who she is.  


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