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Just two hours ago I finished Marguerite Yourcenar's historical novel THE OBLIVION / L'OUEVRE AU NOIR from 1968. Slow and a bit difficult to follow at times, but interesting. Was quite a hit when it came first out.
Just finished Arnaldur Indridason's THE DRAINING LAKE. On the whole, this book was boring. It made me wonder if a cold case crime over 50 years old isn't lacking in the sort of immediacy where it matters. The survivors are all very old and their lives are shown to be lonely and uncomfortable. Every one seems to have paid a heavy price already even if he isn't a murderer. Additionally the backstory drags because it is fed in in such small bits and so cautiously that we never engage with the characters until the end. The protagonist also doesn't engage the reader sufficiently. He seems a cold man, especially in his relationship to his children. I liked the earlier novels a bit better.
Oh sigh, I keep inching off towards the Thriller's rather than true crime. I just finished the whole Twilight series, and loved them. It surprised me, I thought I'd read all there was on Vampire's that I ever wanted to read...and YA is not typically my choice, but I loved these as much as I did JK Rowling's work.

Now, I intend to peruse these that are listed and try to stay on target!:)
I haven't read the Twilight Series although my granddaughter and my daughter have. I think my daughter is on Book 3. My granddaughter liked the first books and then said the later ones she lost interest in.
The tone changes in the last two goes a little darker and is more intense. I can see where some younger reader's might have a problem with that:) Rowling's did the same thing, grew much heavier towards the end.
Kayla is 21& I don't know why she lost interest. She said the same thing happened with the Laurel Kaye Hamilton series she liked.
Oh... I shouldn't have assumed that she was younger...:) I think, the storyline changed a little from a strong romantic angle, to more of a thriller in the last two. For me, I found Eclipse to be the most moving... (the third book) she changed the POV at the end to where you were inside Jacob's head...the next two, again, were directed more to the conflict all of the character's were entering, and the last one reached resolution.

Anyway, who knows? All of us have such varied tastes:) I guess that's why B&N and Amazon stay well stocked!:)
I guess you assumed I was younger - good for you! Kayla gets very engrossed in a series and then moves on to something else.

I am reading Runner by Thomas Perry and just received Island of the Naked Women by Inger Frimansson for review so I'm looking forward to that.
Finished Nora Roberts' TRIBUTE, will start her SACRED SINS tomorrow. This one looks more like a detective story, than a development of character like the other two I just read.
Joy, they've just had a round of Nora Roberts' movies on and Tribute was one of them, I missed the movie, how did you find the book ? I don't read her often anymore, but one of the movies out this week was very good.
I have a listing on my desk of the air times of each Roberts movie this weekend. Watching "Midnight on the Bayou" got me reading them again, starting with the ones I happened to have that were scheduled to air as movies. I like her romantic suspense. Good strong stuff.

As of page 69, SACRED SINS reminds me more of her J.D. Robb books than it does of her romantic suspense.

I liked TRIBUTE. The main people are individual, as are their backgrounds, and several of the neighborhood characters. The little dog is a gem, imo.

Which movie did you like so well, Loretta?
Oh, I'm prone to Midnight Bayou, but that's because of my prejudice about everything to do with Louisiana and the French Quarter:) I haven't watched Tribute but I'll watch for the dog when I do:)


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