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Just finished Peter Corris' latest Cliff Hardy - Deep Water / quadruple bypass for the author and the character and they are still out there punching!

Now I'm reading Old City Hall by Robert Rotenberg - it's shaping up really well.
Currently reading Brian Freeman. I like the fact that he continues to develop his characters, and that he also usually changes the point of view in each reading to one of the three featured so that each book can work as part of a series or alone. I just also just received Michael Marshall's new one, BAD THINGS, which is enticing me more than I can say....Have to wait until May to read it though, but no doubt it's going to be good
I just finished reading Michael Marshall's Bad Things for Armchair Interviews. It is a very good book with a lot of surprises.
Just received that one, and I am SO looking forward to it...Michael Marshall has got to be one of the best writers I've read.
My review is posted at A great book but hard to write a review without spoilers.
Not reading anything, but compiling an anthology of Finnish zombie stories. Got together nine stories within a week. Yee-haa!
I'm on The Face by Koontz...for some reason it was a little difficult to get into, but now that I'm "there" it's moving better..odd, he usually grabs me right off.
I've been dipping into the books in this series (Havana Blue is my glovebox book at the moment). It really is a great series isn't it.
"Where Petals Fall" by Shirley Wells. Good stuff, I like her tone. It's the latter part of a series, but I didn't need to read the ones prior to figure what's going on. Ms. Wells is a fellow Crime Space member to boot, which makes reading all the more enjoyable.
Benjamin, thanks for that. I'm so glad you're enjoying Where Petals Fall. My favourite of 'Jill & Max' series is the fourth, The Broken Circle, but as I don't yet have a publication date, there could be a long wait. :o)

I've just finished reading Lost Souls by Neil White, another British author and one who sets his books in almost the same area of Lancashire. I found it an excellent read - well paced, gripping plot and great characters.
BREAKING DAWN, Stephenie Meyer
I have a big smile on, how do you like it? Of them all , Eclipse was my favorite, but I liked what she did with Breaking Dawn also:)


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