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Just finished Moscow Rules by Daniel Silva and a great book - The Anthology of Colonial Australian Crime Fiction. About to pick up The Semantics of Murder by Aifric Campbell.
Finished Ian Rankin's EXIT MUSIC. Nice title, by the way. I like my titles to connect. This is a fine novel, especially because of its characterization (see the discussion on plot vs. character). In many ways, this is quiet and sad and somehow very fitting. Kudos to Rankin, who hasn't always pleased me in the past (especially in his plot choices).
you know, i'm a big ian ranking fan and have loved the rebus books but 'exit music' was a disappointment. too muddled, too flat. made me realise rankin had had enough of rebus.
Working my way through Michael Connelly's "The Scarecrow" Not sure 1st person narrative is his forte. Better than than the latest Coben (Long Lost) mind. Just Finished 'Dead Mens Dust" by Matt Hilton, don't get me started on that...
So does your last remark mean that you didn't like the book???
i've nearly finished neil cross' 'the burial'. i haven't been able to read much lately but this book had me hook, line and sinker from the start. i just couldn't put it down. it's now taken a very creepy turn. i was reading a really eerie bit last night with the telly on and kids roaring around me but i still was able to be creeped out. can't wait to see how the book resolves itself.
Just finished that one as well Jacqui - it was a tremendous book - at least I thought it was, but I had to read it in two nights - couldn't put it down.
Mo Hayder's RITUAL. This is presented as an "international bestseller." It's British and a thick book. I'm about 100 pages in and have tossed it. Formula besteller thriller: multiple stories, multiple povs, switching story and pov every 1 1/2 pages or so. Subject matter: dismemberment, sexual perversion and sadism, halucinatory experiences, family secrets, a "kick-ass" female protagonist who's a police diver (looking for dismembered hands and her dead parents), immigrant street kids, secret African rituals . . .
Just about everything but the kitchen sink -- by page 100.
I'm getting ready to leave to go to I Love A Mystery in Shawnee-Mission, Kansas. Eric Stone will be putting in an appearance. I want to pick up his new book plus The Living Room of the Dead. I've read the two books in between. I'm going to start Breathing Water by Tim Hallinan sometime today. Guess I will skp the Mo Hayder
Charlaine Harris's Aurora Teagarden series. Very cozy mysteries, no supernatural. I enjoyed the first one, REAL MURDERS, without getting excited about it. A BONE TO PICK kept me awake most of the night to finish it. Cozies rarely have a breathtaking pace, and in this one the pacing is ideal -- there wasn't a place where I could stop.

Aurora inherits a house with a skull hidden in it. Several men have left unexpectedly from this little street; which of them left his skull behind?
I'm in the middle of the seventh of Mark Billingham's Tom Thorne series. Thorne is back in form after the last so-so effort in which he pretended to be a homeless man. I'm right in the middle which is just as compelling as the last chapter of many books. Good stuff.
Oops! The title is "Death Message."


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