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The Last Templar was pretty good, lent someone my copy and of course, now I have to get another one. Martha Grimes is a favorite of mine as well. I am also reading the In Death series by JD Robb.
I love to go back in time like this. Sure, we never run out of new stuff to read, but sometimes you just have to return to the classics, whether for a re-read or for the first time.
I'm on a time-travelling trip as well - I just finished JEOPARDY IS MY JOB, a Chester Drum book by Stephen Marlowe. Terrible title, but a pretty decent book.

Before that it was THE WATCHMAN by Crais, which was pretty good but had too high a body count for my taste, and before that it was THE MAMMOTH BOOK OF PERFECT CRIMES AND IMPOSSIBLE MYSTERIES, edited by Mike Ashley. I'm a sucker for locked room mysteries.
Taking a break from mysteries to read The Terror by Dan Simmons. Two steamships locked in ice in the Arctic Circle with a something slowly killing off their men. Their coal is nearly gone, their tinned food, sold to the Crown by a scam artist, is mostly putrid, and the weather shows no signs of warming up any time soon.

This book is huge, I can't begin to imagine what all is going to happen, but I haven't been disappointed so far and I'm not quite halfway through.

I'v never been able to read more than one book at a time, my mind gets too focused on what's going on in the one. I find swtiching back and forth too distracting.
I've so been wanting to buy that book, but the size has stopped me. Glad to know you like it. I may have to give in. The premise sounds fascinating.
I've been hearing a lot of good things about that one. let us know how you like it when you hit the end.
Sadly, no tentacles. I agree, that would have been cool. But there is, well, I don't want to give it away.

The men are starting to go a little fear crazy-think about it-no sunlight, trapped on an old wooden steamship in temperatures that hover in between 0 and -25 deg F? With something hunting you?
Carol O'Connell's FIND ME. Damn, she can write. And she's so weird. In a good way.

I liked Sara Gran's book, too - but the ending, yikes.
I usually have at least two books going on at a time. Started Sandra Ruttan's "Suspicious Circumstances" the other day, and Marc Lecard's "Vinnie's Head" last night. Enjoying both a great deal.
Awww, now I feel warm and fuzzy.
I'm currently reading Bill Cameron's 'Lost Dog' and getting a kick out of it. Bill's got some interesting phrasing. One, referring to a gopher's nether regions, kind of did me in. Plus, Bill's got a schtick a few chapters in about Suzanne Somer's electro-face tightener. I own one, and it works and I'm glad Bill reminded me I own one because I've been looking at my face lately and I think I ought to dig it out of the closet again.
I have to see it when I come to Phoenix! And try it out too!


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