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Very little happens in the first also. :)
Of course The Girl Who Books... should be read in order. The first is more of a whodunit. The second develops the girl to her potential making a super girl out of her. The third kind of wraps things up with mainly back story. I liked all three especially number two. Although two got off kind of slowly and three super slow.
Many thanks for that description, Linton. Since I am also a re-reader (for example, I've enjoyed all the Travis McGee novels in order several times) I will probably go to #1 of "The Girl Who..." books and then re-read #2.
Ah, Travis McGee. Sweet memories. I rarely enjoy a reread.. Only when It has been a long time and I've almost forgotten the plots.
Lee Child's GONE TOMORROW. Since the Jack Reacher novels have become top bestsellers, Lee has moved to Manhattan. As might be expected, there's a lot of New York City in this novel. Jack Reacher is in top form, and the book is a page turner that might interfere with a good night's sleep. It did for me. Having said that, it is, like all thrillers, not exactly believable at any given point. Mostly, the events and characters are chosen for the thrill of the chase and the over-the-top fight scenes. Leave the brain disengaged!
Anything but Christie, the one who wrote Miss Marble...sorry, Marple...I call her Marble *laughs*...or that at little Frog named Poirot. Can't stand that crap. I like crimes that got action, real nasty crims. That's why I like Rebus series. Rankin paints Glasgow in a very dark, creepy, and horrible colours. You can almost smell the city, hear the cars, and the Scottish accents. Highly recommend it!
Staying in Scottish noir, you might like Denise Mina. I liked the Garnethill trilogy. Another good Scottish series with some measure of blood is Val McDermid's series featuring Dr. Tony Hill.
also try out stuart macbride whose books are set in aberdeen and louise welch. also agree about val mcdermid's tony hill/carol jordan series. i've got denise mina's garnethill on my pile of books to be read.
Isn't Stuart McBride sort of totally and exclusively into dismembering and slaughtering? I gave up after being very enthusiastic about the first one.
I agree on Rebus early but later on he grew tiresome.
you know what, linton, i have to agree. as much as i loved rebus, by the last few books, i'd had enough of him. and think rankin had had enough of him too.
Hard to disagree or agree with these comments. Rankin's good but like Linton said, Rebus grew tiresome but it would be a hard act to follow. Jack Higgins did it. First he had a great character in Eagle Has Landed, the IRA guy now he has a character whose now I find is overdone named Sean Dillon, another ex IRA. I've many characters running around inside my head but I want to stick with the one for the time beng before I knock him off (well in the future IF I get published). Yeah, writing, develop a character you feel comfortable with and suddenly that character becomes YOU (or is it the other way round?)...ahhh, dinner's ready better mosey off for din-din...why am I telling you all this, I haven't a clue :)


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