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Loved Rebus - even when Rankin and most others grew tired of him. I have discovered Stuart MacBride's books - though I feel that his main character Logan is overshadowed by DI Steel. What a gutsy 'wee lassie' she is !! I just love her... I started Elizabeth George's latest, what can I say........she's gone to the bottom of my reading pile.
Yeah, DI Steele is the best character in the series, LOL! I've almost googled what a 'bacon buttie with tomato sauce' is, except I want to keep my illusions. We're not home to Mr F*ckup!
as much as i'm a fan of macbride (despite the decapitations and whatnot), i'm finding myself exhausted by the end of each book and angry that logan never gets any time off! steel is a cack though. i've only tried one elizabeth george and got bored and never finished it. i'm currently reading leigh redhead's latest 'thrill city' which is loads of fun.
The only Elizabeth George that's worth anything is the first. The rest are not worth the time.

I've never heard of Leigh Redhead, so I'll look for them.
Leigh Redhead's Australian, not Scottish, sorry. Her main character is an ex-stripper turned PI and the books are set in Melbourne. Funny, sexy, lots of fun.
Scottish, unexpected, try Random by Craig Robertson. And I'd second Denise Mina's books as well as Louise Welsh although she's less about mad / bad nasty crims and more about the place.

If you're not particularly trying to stay in Scotland, have you tried any of Mark Billingham's books?
Thanks Karen, was looking for another author to read. Had a look via Google sounds promising.
Billingham is good. Another very satisfying series (about 10 books) is John Harvey's books about Charlie Resnick, a police detective in northern England who is of Polish descent.
Yes - I agree 100% on the John Harvey books - another one I really like is Graham Hurley's series (DI Joe Faraday).
Never heard of Graham Hurley, so I'll look for them too.
Reading Hurley now. He's not quite John Harvey, and I don't care for the coldness of Faraday. There is, in general, a great detachment from the horrendous crime (overdone?) described in this novel.
If you're looking for English or Scottish series in particular - Caro Ramsay and Elena Forbes could also be worth having a look at. Neil Cross is you're not looking for a series progression but great standalones.


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